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I've been covering technology and business since 1988. I started at InfoWorld as a reviews editor. Following that, I launched Corporate Computing magazine, and then moved on to become manager of advanced technologies for ZD Labs. In 1995, I became editor-in-chief of Byte magazine. I joined CNET as editor of, shortly after it started in 1997.

In 1998 I moved to Red Herring, as editorial director of the Events department. After a year I became editor of and started writing Catch of the Day, a column about startups, which was emailed to over 150,000 subscribers every weekday.

After Red Herring folded, I continued to review cutting edge technology, both online and in print, for a Business 2.0 column called What’s Next.

I'm back again at CNET, currently as the editor of, a site about Web 2.0 applications.

Previous column archives:
Oct 2003 - Nov 2004: Rafe’s Radar (Always On)
Aug 2002 - Aug 2003: What’s Next (Business 2.0)
Jan 2002 - Aug 2002: Catch of the Day (independent)
Jan 1998 - Nov 2001: Catch of the Day (Red Herring, incomplete archive)